My mission is to love people "from the inside out" and inspire others to do the same.

G is for Growth

image credit: Dani Simmonds

When we love others from the inside out, we grow as human beings; we become deeper people. It's one way we can focus on what's most important in life. We can succumb to the more shallow instincts of our nature and to the prevailing influences of our culture, or we can choose to view others as full, nuanced people and treat them with the respect they inherently deserve; it's up to us. Is it always easy? Certainly not. But we can reap many rewards when we do, and personal growth is certainly one of them.


  1. These are great little nuggets! (A-Z challenge) You have a gift of articulating those things beyond the shallow...thanks for sharing with us and spurring us all on to think outside of "self"!


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