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J is for Joy

This photo has been cropped from the original, which can be found here.
One time, after Ron (see "About This Blog," left) passed away, I met a new (to me) coworker who, due to his size, reminded me of Ron. Fortunately, it's rare that I encounter people who are that large. And that's fortunate not just because it's a trigger every time I do.

I remember interacting with him, because it may have been the first time in my life (except for Ron, of course) that I treated an obese person as a person. Really, fully knowing in my mind that I was looking past the exterior. Looking into his eyes...instead of at his size.

I will never forget how good that felt.

In what ways might you be able to experience the joy of relating to others more deeply? Have you already started to do so? If so, what was your experience like? I'd love to hear your stories.

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